Sunday, 13 April 2008

New Release LizardTF.alpha.v.0.2.9

It's been a month and a half, which is far longer than I intended, but a new release is now available. I've been using Lizard at work in all the situations where Team Explorer annoys me too much, and that has driven a fair bit of the latest release, so some of the areas I intended to do more work on have actually been left behind a little (full conflict resolution with renames, moves etc), and other areas, such as WorkItems are ahead of plans.

Also in this time my VS-TFS 2008 Beta licence expired and it took a while before I could set up a shiny new VM server running the old 2005 version. I thought it ran out in April, but hey ho.

I need to do a whole bunch of screen shots, really, for this release as there are lots of new screens to handle labels, WorkItems, shelving, unshelving, branching and a Repository Browser, hopefully I'll post this over the next week. But just right-click a file/folder that belongs to a workspace in Explorer and have a look. Hopefully it's fairly intuitive if you're use to TFS/Team Explorer or SVN/TortoiseSVN

All in all, Lizard is going rather well. This release isn't as complete as I'd like it to be, but I thought I should get something out. Otherwise it's easy to keep putting off and putting releasing anything. Obvious omissions from this release that I'll address soon are: Deleting labels, right click menu options from the Review screen, Move and Rename options. The labeling screens haven't been tested very hard.

Next up, the review screen will show files that have not been checked out, but have been changed (with an option to check them out) - handy if you're not using VS and you're a bit lazy and I'll finally sort out the rename/move conflict resolution and branch merging.

The 'fun' bit of this release was changing the already 'interesting' list/tree view of the review screen to use VirtualMode (that is creating ListViewItems on demand, rather than all up front). The MS implementation of this feels a bit last minute as although your list views are much faster, they don't support groups, images or checkboxes, Lizard uses all three, but the images and checkboxes were already custom drawn, now the groups are custom handled too. One happy consequence was that it actually made column sorting easier. The whole thing now feels much slicker and smoother, especially when dealing with large file sets, and the tree expansion and collapsing looks much better too.