Saturday, 12 July 2008

Stop press...

I've fixed the problem with the context menus! My 'QueryContextMenu' funtion wasn't returning the number of added items. Huzzah!

Now we should see some progress.

Quick update

I've been really busy with 'other things' of late, and Lizard has been a bit neglected despite my good intentions.

But a quick update :-

The c++ extensions are still coming along. The additional columns are working nicely. The icon overlays are working - and using the TortoiseOverlays dll, so Lizard will run nicely with TortoiseSVN/CVS installed - thanks to HarriHasler for the tip on that one - and for taking me to task for the c# extensions in the first place.

At the moment I have a weird problem where the menus display great, the first item works, but clicking other items causes menu commands from the main menu to be invoked, not the sub menu. I keep looking through the code for the error but just can't spot it.

Once that is done I just need to re-code the properties page, there are some good examples on CodeProject for property pages so hopefully it won't be too bad.

I am not enjoying this at all though! The mixture of c++, COM and running within the Explorer process and the inherent debugging issues does not make for a fulfilling evening of coding! How many ways can you screw up string handling in c++? I think I've managed about 6,000 so far.

I really want the ability to merge across arbitrary folder and not just direct branches, so that will be the next area to tackle. I hope once the extensions are re-done my enthusiasm will rally!

Sorry to anyone waiting... it will come soon!