Monday, 25 August 2008

Coming together again...

I've had a break, a week in California and a week on Cape Cod, I'm back in England, I've taken my study apart, laid a new floor, and put it back together again.

I've just picked up the pieces of re-writing the explorer shell extensions in c++ (so that explorer won't load the .Net run-times and get itself into trouble). I hope Microsoft support .Net shell extension in Windows 7.

A break did me some good, and things have progressed well since.

The new extensions are working well, all the icon overlays are in place using TortoiseOverlays. I know I said they were done in July, but I was getting a bit ahead of myself. The codes much neater now, and client/server operations minimised. The only issue I have at the moment is that the 'Normal' overlay doesn't appear, when I attach the same Lizard handler to a different TortoiseOverlay handler all works fine, so I think there's either something up with the TortoiseOverlays code (unlikely) or something up with the config (more likely) but it all looks right, and is the same for all the working ones.

I've got to optimise the item data requests for the additional list view columns, but the techniques used for overlays will work again here, so its just implementation. I'm going to leave the property page out for now to try a get a build out. I'm not entirely happen about the build process with the c++ project. For some reason regsvr32 always fails for the output dll, so COM registration is manual. I'll probably post the source, a good build and a .reg file initially and leave it to those who want to to create their own build process.

I'm away next weekend, but realistically I'm hoping to get something published but mid september. I'm also planning to provide support for assigning different TFS servers to working folders and up loading all the source to the Codeplex TFS server and testing Lizard against that.

After that, back to features list, and on to a Beta release!