Sunday, 7 February 2010

Bloomin' 'eck! A new post!

Okay so I've been lazy and really neglected this project.

Excuses (not in any particular order):
1. Three year daughter find it boring when I code
2. Proper work has been busy
3. I built this bike: Shiny! Bike!
4. I broke my wrist.

But now I have a shiny rebuilt PC (excuse no.5) running Windows 7, and I have my VS2010 beta. So it is time to update Lizard so I can use it.

I've just been reading this:
and this:

It seems that now I can write all my shell extentions in managed .Net code, my diversions into the land of c++ are no longer required. Hoorah!

Now I must find my old code, dust it off, fix it, and find out what I can use now the windows explorer API IColumnProvider has been deprecated.

I've pretty much completed the manual three way diff/conflict resolver too.

Hope this isn't too late for everybody,


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