Sunday, 19 October 2008

LizardTF alpha0.3.0 Has Landed!

Release posted and source code in Codeplex is up to date.

I will be testing the release over the next few days.

New features include:

All c++ Explorer extensions - no more loading the CLR into the shell
Multi server support - Have working folders for Codeplex and local TF Servers
Paged history - get revision logs in smaller chunks
History through branches - see history belonging to originating branches

More to follow...


somaritane said...

Hi Ian,
After installing the latest version, I'm experiencing some problems while registering of its shell extensions, registration throws the error "0x80070716".
The same effect while doing it manually using regsvr32.exe,
Do you have any idea if I'm doing something wrong?

P.S. LizardTF is amazing! I'm using it for about 5 month with my Total Commander and so far completely happy.

Ianklych said...

I've been getting that error too. I meant to add a note to ignore it as it doesn't stop the registration working. Apparently the error means that a dependency can't be found, but I haven't worked out which one. I'm putting another build together (the code is complete and in CodePlex) this has a much nicer tab for registering. It should be done in a couple of days.