Sunday, 9 November 2008

Swiftly followed by 0.3.1

I've ironed out some install issues, hopefully now it is much simpler to install, get the Tortosie Overlays installed, clean up old installs etc.
The current checked in source code has an extra option to replace the standard Tortoise overlays for 'Unversioned' and 'Ignored' with the LizardTF ones for 'Out of date' and 'Checked-in but modified'. I was going to replace the release with this but I have to check them first, so they are in as a planned release 0.3.2.

Most of my work has been trying to get a decent build for those who want to download the source and build their own. To this end there are various prebuild and postbuild .bat files that stop and start explorer and movc various dependeny files around. It's all a lot more fiddly than I wanted. A lot of the problems come from the main build having to always target x86 (so they can call the TFS client API dlls), and the extentions having to target the right platform for the OS. I've been using the 'Batch Build' option to build both x86 and x64 versions of the extensions and x86 versions of everything else, except the Lizardx64Registry project. This is a command line .exe app that sets/tests various registry settings. If you are running a 64bit OS this is needed to change the main registry that the x64 extensions and TortoiseOverlays use. This is needed because as the main application is all built for x86 it only accessed the WoW parts of the registry. Only by calling an Out-Of-Process command line can I easily modify HK_LocalMachine for x64 applications.

I've changed the way the meta-data cache folder is structured. Rather than all the folder path hashes going straight into the root meta-data folder, I've split them up by first charactor, then second charactor. This is to prevent getting overly populated folders. Any one who was using Lizard 0.3.0 will need to re-parse their folders, and should delete any folder with a name more the 1 char long from the meta-date folder.

I think it's all in place now, I think all the necessary files are in the right places. I'll hopefully be testing on x86 hardware during the week. Everything seems good on x64 so far.

Also new is the whole new build for dotNet 3.5 - and associated VS9 solution branch. All the source is the same as the dotNet 2.0 branch except the .sln, .csproj, .vcproj and .vdproj files. I can't see any real benefit of using Linq or lambda expressions in Lizard right now, so it will probably stay that way.

I've started using the WorkItem support provided by CodePlex, so feel free to raise any issues as WorkItems, or just add a comment to the Blog. Now the really big structural change is out of the way I should be turning aroung smaller issues much faster.

Please let me know if you have problems gettings either the msi or source code up and running, and I'll do what I can.

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