Thursday, 8 January 2009

Happy Birthday LizardTF!

I just realised that yesterday was the birthday of this blog and in two days it's a year since the first release (that was 0.1.3, I'm not sure what happened to 0.1.0,1,2)

It feels like so much longer!

Thanks to everyone who has supported Lizard though comments and suggestions, please keep it up,




somaritane said...

Thank YOU, Ian, for such an amazing tool!

preet sangha said...
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preet sangha said...

Hi there. I use the TFS command line a lot esp to checkin/diff and to merge and branch quite effectively. I was wondering if I can use your tool to help me do it from explorer - it certainly looks like the real deal?

Ianklych said...


Hi, check-ins and check-outs, branching are all there. Merge functions are taking a while due to work and family commitments, but are on their way. These are completely new functions because I really don't like the limitations or the TFS merging (ie only between parent/child related branches), please keep checking here for the next release.